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At Sketch My Roof, INC., established in 2020 in Miami, Florida, our mission is clear: to provide accurate, high-quality roofing diagrams at prices that everyone can afford. We specialize in delivering these services with an unrivaled speed, ensuring every client receives their roof sketch on the same day the request is made. This commitment has made us the undisputed champions of same-day roof diagrams.

We understand the unique challenges that can arise from tree coverage or remote locations, and we approach these challenges with relentless determination. Our ability to adapt and succeed in any situation sets us apart, making us a trusted partner in the roofing industry.

Our diverse clientele includes insurance companies, independent adjusters, public adjusters, contractors, and law firms, all of whom rely on our expertise and rapid delivery to meet their needs.

The undisputed champion of same-day roof diagrams.

As Sketch My Roof, INC. grew, we recognized a significant challenge facing independent adjusters: the high cost and delay in reimbursement for roof diagrams. Adjusters often had to pay up to $100 per diagram out-of-pocket, with reimbursement on a net 30 to net 90 basis. During large storms, where numerous diagrams were necessary, the financial burden could quickly become overwhelming.

Understanding the need for an affordable, efficient solution, Sketch My Roof, INC. introduced the game-changing $19.00 roof esx. This innovation was a breakthrough, not just for independent insurance adjusters who were initially burdened by costs, but soon for a broader market. Our $19.00 roof esx rapidly gained popularity, revolutionizing the industry.

It wasn’t long before contractors, insurance companies, home builders, engineering firms, and ladder assist companies all recognized the value of our services. The affordable pricing and quick turnaround made our diagrams indispensable, and our reputation for reliability and precision only added to the demand.

As word spread, Sketch My Roof, INC. built what can only be described as a cult following. We value our clients deeply, a sentiment that is heartily reciprocated. The strong relationships we have forged are based on mutual respect and a commitment to provide exceptional service, reshaping the landscape of roof diagramming with innovation at its heart.

Enter the $19.00 Roof ESX


Founded in 2020, Sketch My Roof INC. introduced the game-changing $19.00 Roof ESX.

How To Order?

Placing an order with Sketch My Roof, INC. is as easy as Mom’s Apple Pie, sweet, and here’s how you can do it without even having to download an app! Just like ordering your favorite slice of pie from the Black Bear Diner menu, our website makes it simple and straightforward:

  • Visit Our Website: No apps needed here! Just navigate to our website from any browser.
  • Select ‘Place Order’: You’ll find this as clearly marked as the pie section on a menu.
  • Enter The Address: Just like specifying how you like your pie (à la mode, anyone?), fill in the details of your order. Enter the address, confirm location, select the product, easy enough?
  • Submit and Relax: Hit direct checkout and then sit back. We handle the rest and fast!

We’ve turned the traditional, complex process of obtaining roof diagrams into a user-friendly experience that’s as accessible and adaptable as your favorite pie shop. No barriers, just a straightforward pathway to getting what you need. Join us on our journey to make roof diagramming a piece of cake (or pie, in this case)!

Historical Data

Sketch My Roof, INC.  recognized a significant challenge facing independent adjusters: the high cost and delay in reimbursement for roof diagrams. We had to help!

Roof ESX

Founded in 2020 as Roof ESX offering $19.00 Roof Sketches, delivering undisputed same-day service


1,000,000+ Structures Measured

By 2022, amid devastating storms, we helped expedite insurance estimates with our roof and wall reports.


Sketch My Roof

In October of 2023 we rebranded as Sketch My Roof to clarify our specialized service.


2024 Road Show

We traveled across the lower 48 states, stopping in various locations to demonstrate our unique $19.00 sketch service.

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