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Sketch My Roof, INC Makes Vinyl Siding Calculators Obsolete

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In the world of home renovations, precision and efficiency in measurements dictate the success of projects. Sketch My Roof, INC elevates these crucial aspects to the next level with our innovative wall reports, rendering traditional vinyl siding calculators obsolete.

Why Sketch My Roof, INC is a Game Changer for Contractors:

  • Fully Remote Measurements: Battle no more against the elements or contend with manual measurement errors. Our advanced technology ensures that you receive accurate and precise measurements remotely, allowing for safer and more efficient project planning without ever needing to physically visit the site.

  • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: Eliminate the need for risky physical measurements. Our remote tools mean your team can focus on current projects without interruptions, significantly enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency.

  • Save Time and Resources: Stay on-site and active with current projects. Our technology delivers all the necessary data quickly and reliably, so you can plan and bid on upcoming projects without stepping away from your ongoing tasks.

  • Competitive Bids: With more accurate measurements and no manual errors, you’ll be able to place more efficient and competitive bids. This accuracy leads to better material orders, cost savings, and a more streamlined process from start to finish.

  • Easy-to-Use Formats: Our wall reports are available in ESX and PDF formats, making it straightforward for you to integrate this data into your existing systems and workflows. These formats ensure that you can easily access, share, and utilize the detailed measurements and imagery needed for precise planning and execution.

  • Sketch My Roof, INC’s Wall Reports: Our detailed wall reports solve the problem of inaccurate measurements by providing comprehensive data on every aspect of a building’s exterior. These reports include detailed descriptions and visualizations of wall surfaces, ensuring that every unique architectural feature is accounted for in your project planning.


Traditional vinyl siding calculators are becoming a relic of the past as technology advances. With the introduction of Sketch My Roof, INC’s detailed wall reports, available in convenient ESX and PDF formats, roofing and siding professionals now have access to tools that not only enhance accuracy but also ensure safety and efficiency. Embrace the future with Sketch My Roof, INC and transform how you approach every siding project.

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